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04 October 2008 @ 11:15 pm
apparently either the GTX was overheating (unlikely, it was hotter in the summer and the tower had less case fans built in), or the people at leadtek dont know how to fix their shit. running the awesomely stable GTS now, going to conduct some tests on the GTX tomorrow, mainly involving temperature and possible lack of airflow for whatever reasons.
If it turns out to be failure prone at 80°C again, Ill RMA it again and might seriously consider using a 260GTX instead if my PSU has enough juice
01 October 2008 @ 02:42 pm
so yeah. after it was sitting at the shop for 2 weeks and then sent to the distributor for 4-5 days (lawl..) my card apparently works again. shop confirms it working, so Ill take the chance and have it built back in. either it works and i get to use max and SL in parallel again (yay), or it breaks down after a couple days (I hope not, but Id almost bet some L$ on it)

wish me luck =P
31 July 2008 @ 12:39 pm
wtf I did there? Job interview :D

First and foremost: I dont know any results just yet. but I was told the company is currently trying to pitch a new project and needs those to be able to fill the spot I was applying to. Overall I had a super positive impression though. The company was really tiny, two rooms in a cellar in a side street, but really REALLY comfy and full of cool people. The interview went very well, and we chatted a lot, showing mutual interest in eachothers projects.
So I daresay that Ill have the job soon enough :)

In further details, its going to be a 6-month internship for 400 bucks net salary (no taxes up to 400€ salary over here), with a fulltime employment standing at the end of it.

Munich itself was a cool town, though you could feel it was a bit more conservative and traditional than Berlin was. Still, I was told there was a lot of stuff to do and enjoy for gothy people like me, which makes me look forward to fun nights out in town!
22 July 2008 @ 06:57 pm
and the guys at the retailer fail at reproducing the artifacts/crashes it produces because they dont test under the same circumstances as I am using the card. I hope to get it back tomorrow, might try and get an upgrade from an 8800gtx to a 9800gx2 via the RMA + a lil extra cash if I consider it worth the investment.

the 9800gx2 would have the bonus of giving me a full GPU exclusively for each screen (using 2x 22" LCD screens since a week or two), which would stop 3d studio max from running out of video memory because of SL. I dont care much for extra speed, but this extra reliability factor combined with the perk of being able to properly run two 3d apps next to eachother would be quite a nice boon.

in other news, Ive got my SL avatar since a week now and its PERFECT! - once my PC is back, Ill take a pic and throw it on here. I <3 it
04 July 2008 @ 12:45 am
guess Ill never get rid of my procrastination with journals ._.

anyways, its been 6 months since my last post, and a lot has gone on. First of all, Im still job hunting, the whole porfolio deal took a lot longer than intended. Its done now though, but being expanded, with a stronger focus on game related stuff than before, seeing as thats where I want to score a job. I just need to get off my lazy ass and work more, which is the main source of my problems atm, most likely. Im just fucking lazy, but I have not a single ounce of motivation in me.. thus Im worried that even if I score a job, I wont be able to keep the pace..

Right now, there is another path revealing itself though, namely the one of making money via SecondLife. Ive got a company established there, selling bits for anthro avatars, and soon will branch into the avatar business, which should yield a nice amount of cash. If anyone is curious, PsiCorp is the name of it, and can be found at places like Northstar or AnthroXtacy Mall :3

On more SL news, in a couple of days, Ill finally have an avvie that looks like me! :D - a custom modded wolf avatar! Im super excited about it, this is gonna bring me some happy feelings, since for the two years of being there, Ive never found a true replacement for my old-ass wolf av I had at the beginning

I think that pretty much wraps up a lot of it, I might post again, maybe with screens of said av when I got it \o/
01 January 2008 @ 04:30 pm
of course Im one day late, sorta, but here you have it :D

Happy new year to all of you!!
I wish that 08 becomes a better year for all of you than 07 was. Many people wont miss 07 apparently, but for me it did hold some pretty cool times, like the EF or the end of my studies in Berlin.
Now its time to look forward and pursue my goals, one of them being to find a job in the games industry, and another visiting my bf in the USA :3

so take care, everyone, and have a great 2008!
23 December 2007 @ 03:20 pm
I should really update this in a more timely fashion.. but Im lazy :D

Anyhow, this delay in my posts at least makes for some longer postings, since I can go and bundle up the recent happenings :3 - so to kick it off, Im moving!
In SL though, not IRL. My boyfriend and me have purchased a new plot in a different sim, seeing as the old one is a) probably going down early next year and b) really isnt that pretty anymore ever since the line of trees was plonked down right before our main windows..
Were going to mostly keep the shape of the house, but we restructured it, seeing how masters mate moved in with someone else in the same sim and how we had quite some unused space floating around. Im going to post some piccies maybe, once its all set up and decorated outside :) - maybe inside shots too, but these will take a while, since furniture goes in once the frame is done and locked down.

In other news, Im a DJ now! =D
Last week Vaalkk poked me into doing a session in Dragon Spire since I kept mentioning how I would someday do some DJing there. He basically told me "why not now?" and I went for it - the results were some rather fun two hours full of electro, industrial and noise musics. I enjoyed myself a lot, and now that Im officially in the DJ group there, I will hold more sessions soon =D
So if anyone wants to listen in, let me know and I will give you the info you need to either visit me inworld or listen in!

Lastly, seeing as its the 23rd, I wish you all a merry Xmas, I will probably post another update to show off whatever I got for xmas =D
27 November 2007 @ 06:56 pm
seriously, I should.

Anyways.. life in the village is pretty calm for the most part (ya know, I moved out of Berlin a couple of months ago :P). Unfortunately, its /too/ calm more often than not. The difference to Berlin really shows, the nearest club is a 30 minute drive from here, and even then, noone ever is around or has time to go there with me, since most my friends moved away from here by now.

Still, Im holding on, working my way through my preparations and finishing my projects. For portfolio stuff, Im currently working on an F-14 Tomcat in super-high detail, a project which has been in the works for over a year now, but only managed to get pushed into the center of my attention two months ago. I did make a lot of progress with it since then (the model is now complete and being readied for textures), and, for the first time, receive a five-star rating in the threedy.com forums =D
For those interested, the thread can be found here: http://forums.3dtotal.com/showthread.php?t=48172
The final renders are on page 6, incase you cant be bothered to look through it all.

So what has the wuff been up to?
Mostly the same routine day-in, day-out. There were some ups and downs, but its mostly been the same all over. As for the downs... my grandma passed away two weeks ago.. it made me sad to lose her, but yet, due to my long absence whilst I have been studying, it didnt hit me as hard as those who were much closer to her in her last months. I feel a little bad for not visiting her before she died, but I wanted to keep her in my mind the way she was when all was still well. She was a great woman, always caring, always laughing, and she didnt deserve to be taken away by her disease, yet now that it is all over, I am happy that she has to suffer no more...

On the other paw, there have been many good things happening in my life recently. A small but significant one being that me and my wonderful boyfriend are playing hellgate london together. Its always fun to game with him whilst chatting on Teamspeak, makes me want to crawl through the internets so we can cuddle at his place! (and yes, hun, Im eventually going to have my char ready to game on with you <.<; )

Also, Im getting more and more tempted to have a go at DJing in SL - thats right, the wuff might put on some crazy hardcore tunes for you :D - if it happens, I will post here and let my friends know. Im still growing my music collection a bit tho, I want to supply enough diversity when i do it :)

On a final note: EF photos will hopfully come soon, I simply forgot all about scanning them :/

I think this wraps it up for now, I might post more regularly, or at least, i should. after all, I visit this page daily XP
22 September 2007 @ 02:53 pm
warning, these thoughts are written while Im depressed and need a way to vent. my feelings may be subject to change after this has passed..

to get right down to it.. today isnt a good day to wake up.. even writing feels kinda hard now.
I dont know why, but lately, most of the things that kept me up and supported just kind of fell away from me for the most part, leaving me hanging in the air with not much to hold on to..
to start it all off.. my beloved bf will be working more hours starting next week.. this will be a blow to our relationship, since we will be seeing quite a bit less now, unfortunately..
I thought I could cope alright, and make the most of it, but now, there just is so much more stuff piling up gradually, its just getting way hard.. to start it off, even though its just a small factor, one of my business partners in SL, if I may call her so, is gradually getting more shit about what she does.. shes always been providing me some revenue so I can pay my rent and stuff, and above all, is a cool friend to have. but right now, Im feeling a little meh about all of it, Im worried she might be facing trouble soon.. keeping with the subject, my own little endeavour of making money on my own is now starting to receive serious competition, mere days before itd take off..
the thing that just swiped my legs from beneath me, though, is that one of my most precious friends is suffering such a horrible time right now.. shes always been someone to look up to, and I love her in very special ways.. Im just scared shes going to give up on her.. if she would, I dont know what will happen with me, really. it must sound dramatic, but.. shes been helping me so incredibly much with myself, I dont want to lose her..

to top it all off nicely.. right now theres just noone to talk to. my bf has more than enough on his back to bother him with my shit, my master.. well, I dont want to bother him.. and I wish Id see him more... *sighs*
hence why I rant to my LJ.. its not a pretty post, but its written in the hope that it helps in some way at least.. its just so much crap coming at me at once now..
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12 September 2007 @ 09:19 pm
You read that correctly, starting from tomorrow, Im packing my things and will leave my apartment here in Berlin at saturday morning. My studies at games-academy are finished, the only thing Im still to receive is my certificate. But its not like this piece of paper had any noteworthy value in job decisions anyways. What counts far more is the actual skill I managed to build in the last two years.
So this week will be my last in this town for now, afterwards, Ill move in with my parents for a couple of months, where I will work on really making a kickass portfolio, so I can get a good job.

Im feeling a little sad to leave, really. Berlin was a great town, it was a completely different experience from the small, five-thousand souls village I come from and to which Ill now return for a little while. Ive met many friends there, be it fellow students or other furries. And, most importantly, I have developed myself. My inner self had the opportunity to unfold, and I became who I am now. I cant repeat often enough the role of Ultraviolet´s art and her absolutely wonderful personality, whitout her I dont know how I would have developed. Looking back at two years ago, there is no way in hell I want to go back to my old self. Im not scared of going home, its more of a little rest-stop before I dive into a fulltime-job, a chance to see a few old friends. Yet there isnt much that is dragging me back home, my heart longs for a city, for friends, and most of all, for my loved ones over in the states. I really crave to be with them soon, my goal is sometime next year, but I have no single idea how realistic this is...
Also, I regret to say that there are a few friends here whom Id have liked to properly say goodbye to, but lack of time on both sides has prevented this. I hope they arent angry with me, for I will want to visit this town again sometime and meet them again.

Its an odd sensation though.. shortly after the somewhat climatic experience of meeting 600 fellow furries, amongst them some of my very dearest friends, then, shortly after leaving all these wonderful people, I have to leave the town which gave me so much freedom to begin with, letting me unfold freely. But I have to look forward, not long and I will take an important step towards living with my love IRL, seeing my master IRL, and generally changing my life even more. Im not at the end of my road by far, it wont be until Im in the arms of my beloved that my big goal was fulfilled... It will be then that I focus myself on other goals, living together with him, setting foot in the US.
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